The B.E.S.T. IPO book is in draft form for review by anyone interested in making money with Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). BEST is an acronym for Book value, Earnings, Sales, and the Target price (52-week high and low) that an IPO is predicted to achieve in its first year of public trading.

Larry Stockett, the author, is the founder and Director of the IPO Network. He also was the producer of The IPO Show for radio and television in 1997.

The book provides a comprehensive study of all IPOs since 2006. First day charts and first year-end charts are included for 624 IPOs from 2006-2012. 2013 updates are being completed now.

The book documents how you could trade just 26 IPOs on their first day and compound your money turning $10,000 into $1 million. The draft is a PDF file. I will post it for easy free download as soon as I figure out how.



  1. I am just learning to use word press and setting up my website. I vaven’tfigured out how to download the pdf from the website. I will be pleased to email you a copy if you contact me at If you are familiar with word press, perhaps you can help me fix the site. I want to allow readers to read the Executive Summary and Table of Contents before they download hundreds of IPO daily stock charts.

  2. Is it just my imagination or a coincidence that the first five bloggers who liked my website are all beautiful women. If I would have known that I would have published my research last year. Could someone please call me or send me an email at so I can at least get the PDF to download properly. My phone is 702 501-0054. Text me, help me, please.

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